Home Interiors and Exteriors

Calypso Canvas and Sail also designs concepts with vinyls, laminates and UV waterproof materials that are used in Marine application. The following pictures are examples of designs that create a room or enclose a patio for more living space. We also construct exterior replacement awnings, tiki curtains, cabana and the popular "sail awning" for outdoor patio shade. Call or email us the dimensions of the area you want to enclose and we will give you an estimate. After completion, we will send the hardware and simple installment instructions for our out of town customers.  It is as easy as hanging curtains. Locally, we will come to your home and custom design your ideas. The cost is less than you would expect.
Below are 4 pictures of a vinyl wall with seperating zippers which rolls up together or individually. The construction hangs alone on the wall in an enclosed patio.
An Exterior Enclosure that has created an "added room" to a mobile home. There are three vinyl removable walls that are attached to the mobile home awning. The walls consist of clear vinyl and mosquito netting with a roll up entry door and privacy drapes.  The entire addition can be removed when the owners decide to travel and set up camp at another location. The couple have added a portable air condition and find the addition very comfortable in their retirement years. Especially when family comes to visit, it provides addition sleeping and playroom. The constuction is very sturdy and has held up to 25 knot winds and howling winds and rain.
Here are 5 pictures of a screened patio in where we built clear vinyl glass outlined and with white vinyl laminated material constructing individual panels. The vinyl material is a reinforced laminated waterproof material with a 5 year warranty and a "fire resistant certificate" of representation. They are separated with " UV protected" Marine Grade YKK Heavy Duty Zippers and attached with Marine Grade twist locks to the wall. The panels can be individually rolled up for ventilation or kept down to enclose the room from wind, rain and dust. The panels are very popular. The basic design is the same, yet can be tailor made for your patio or room to be enclosed. Commercial applications call these panels Tiki curtains, where they are used to block the elements in an outdoor bar or restaurant. We have designed and constructed many of these enclosures for the home. Some panels are as wide as 10 feet, just wide enough to easily roll up by hand or by a mechanical motor. These curtains or "Room Enclosures" can consist of solid vinyl as well to hide or conceal unattractive surroundings or give privacy. They can be used in any climate throughout the United States. 
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