Marine Sail

Calypso Canvas and Sail sells New and Used sails. We are distributors of Hood, Doyle and Super Sailmakers. New order turn around time depends upon the time of year yet generally will take appoximately 2 to 3 weeks. We repair all kinds of sails from all types of constructions that are powered by the wind. A basic sail repair entails sandwiching the rip between 2 dacron 8 oz  to 10 oz sail material. We usually use new sail material for the repair. Sometimes under the customer request we will use a fairly weathered dacron to blend the repair within the confines on the sail design. We have an Industrial Adler Heavy Duty Zig Zag that we use on most repairs. We also have a zig zag Consew for lighter sail blends. Hobie cat sails require various colors of Dacron or Denier Nylon and we will style the repair complementary to the design of the sail. The repair will hardly be noticed. Calypso Canvas will also add mylar windows and replace with Performance Laminates as in DIAX with reinforcements 2 - 4 inches apart.  We also repair and add full Battans to a sail. Replacement fiberglass battans are also in our stock. We carry a large selection of hardware and can obtain an item within 2 to 3 days. Our sail repair expert has sailed all his life from lazers to trimarans. He is a champion sailboat racer and can offer a few stories while repairing your sail and offers champion knowledge with all phases of sail designs. We use 138, 220 Antiwick Dacron Thread and Tenera or Gortex, thread which outlasts the material. Luff conversions and cut down contours of sails are also within our knowledge of sail repairs. Sunshades are also replaced if not restitched in our shop. When sailing it is best to repair or restitch your sail before getting underway at port than watch your sail rip apart as the wind picks up to 20 knots 20 miles off shore. We will also inspect sails and give you an estimate for all repairs before the work is completed. There are no hidden costs or suprises. Some sails are also just not reasonable to fix and it would be best to buy a new or newer used sail. A day sail or a long cruise is best enjoyed after inspecting your sails.   
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